The Love Formula 

A transformational online program for singles that supports their quest in finding deep, connected love

The Smart Woman's Formula for Finding Love

For many years I have listened to women who are accomplished, smart, kind, and simply wonderful, discuss their desire to find love.  After hearing their dismay with the lack of success, I pondered how I could use my expertise in relationships to help these amazing women find their true loves. The inspiration came to me—create a well-designed program with support and guidance!

Wait, I thought, that’s not enough, so I clarified my intention—help create lasting love and the way to do that is by starting within. Through taking a deep dive into who you are—assessing values, history, patterns, and blocks, the clarity and insight gained becomes the foundation for creating a successful relationship. Our goal is for people to have deep, meaningful love, joy, and connection that transfers into all areas of their lives. We welcome you on this journey if you so chose to be a trailblazer.

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