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Relationship Therapist

 Certified Imago Relationship Therapist

Clinical Hypnosis

     Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

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I am a relationship therapist and treat all relationships: couples, singles and families. The most challenging relationship is the romantic partnership because couplehood is particulary complicated and it brings both joy and pain. Whether you're in a relationship, moving out of one, or desire to create a healthy relationship, you can start your journey now with or without a partner. By learning what's really going on in relationships, you will develop awareness and the power to grow within yourself by changing behaviors or defenses that might be holding you back.


I help couples get back on track and discover the gold within. Relationships are work. And because we are unaware, we become confused when our true love "changes". If there was a warning label attached to our partner when we first met, it would be ignored because of nature's little trick in getting us to fall in love. At any stage of your relationship you can spice things up while having fun and learning some simple tools that will not only enhance the relationship, and also create a strong foundation for lasting love. With a bit of understanding and practice, mixed in with novelty, the work isn't work, but pleasure which can transform the relationship to one of deep satisfaction and love.

Perhaps you are you interested in finding a committed, healthy relationship, but the thought of how and where to meet someone sounds overwhelming. I have created a 90 day online program—The Smart Woman & Wise Woman’s Formula for Finding Love. Imagine finding genuine love that is nurturing, supportive, and loving. Imagine living your life, your best life, doing what you enjoy, and being open to a relationship, and then it appears! This can happen, and the secret is that a successful relationship begins before you actually find the one for you. What this means is that it’s an inside job—by understanding you, you are preparing the foundation for the relationship of your dreams.

"Love is like art, its beauty is created through skill and practice and mastery follows."

Love Formula
7 Secrets to Finding Love 

The 7 Secrets to Finding Love gives you the roadmap to the perfect relationship so you can discover, create, and master the art of romance and love. An additional gift, the Love Compass, is designed to create a daily visual intention so your dreams come true. Display on your mirror or refrigerator!

My Online Courses

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Smart Woman's Formula for Finding Love

The Smart Woman's course is for women in their 30's & 40's. The 3 month program is designed to help women find the right partner.

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Wise Woman's Formula for Finding Love

This 90 day course is for women over 50 who are interesting in finding a healthy, satisfying relationship in the next stage of life.

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Beverly Hills, CA Therapist

Tracey Harvey, LMFT, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, 310-804-0879, Beverly Hills, CA 90211, tracey@traceyharvey.com

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