Sex & Intimacy

Healthy sexuality improves the quality of life and relationship. Learn to deepen your connection through energizing desire, satisfaction, pleasure & eroticism.

Break through the challenges you may face with intimacy & sex 

Concerns and confusion about desire and differences are normal. Establishing positive, realistic expectations for sexuality and desire are important for a satisfying sex life. You can integrate loving feelings & open communication with creativity, mystery & eroticism with your partner. Maintaining an enjoyable sex life plays a positive role in your relationship.  

Talking about sex isn't always easy & yet it can be liberating

Talking helps normalize experiences and concerns while also debunking myths and eliminating anxiety, guilt, or shame. Sex therapy focuses on developing healthier sexual functioning and explores any underlying causes of sexual issues. With sex therapy you can revive your sex life while discovering and confidently communicating your needs and learning what brings you pleasure. 

I provide a safe, comfortable, therapeutic environment 

Whether you are single or in a relationship receiving professional support in a non-judgmental, nurturing space will allow you to feel more confident in your own body and build a greater sense of self worth, and feelings of empowerment as you gain a deeper understanding of any sexual identity and sex-related issues.